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    So you’ve been and done your CSM certification exam you are fully aware of all the theoretical aspects of scrum and even have management buy-in.

    So what now?

    Good Question :) here are the 3 simple steps that I would recommend

    1. Put together a team
    2. Create and fill your product backlog with some stories
    3. Kick off your first sprint!


    Put together a team

    The most vital component to any project is the people on that project. Ideally you should allow people to opt into a project. This isn’t always possible not many of us have the luxury of choosing what we work on but it should be considered. I would suggest doing an introduction meeting where the team can get together over a beer/coffee depending on your work culture. Keep it fairly casual after all you want to get the team members communicating with each other. some good topics for discussion

    • what’s the best project they have ever worked on?
    • what’s the worst?
    • hobbies
    • family/children


    Create and fill your product backlog with some stories

    This may take a while be prepared to break frequently so people can grab a coffee/smoke a cigarette or just relax their brains for a while. Try and keep this quiet informal set a time box if possible say 4 hours get all members involved if the whole team is co-located chose a meeting room with space in it. If they are remotely located then if possible stick to a video conference people can easily switch off during a skype/virtual call. Aim to write at least enough stories for 3/4 sprints you don’t need to worry about specing out your whole project adapted a just in time mentality.

    Decide on your sprint length as a team taking into consideration everyones opinions depending on your situation you should find most people open and ready to try new things.

    Kick off your first sprint!

    Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in! There will be a lot going on in the first sprint don’t worry if you don’t meet your goals just ensure that the setbacks are discussed during the retrospective and any issues that need addressing get addressed in the next sprint. Inspect and Adapt :D