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    Starting out with Scrum or any other Agile practice can be an exciting and confusing time for many teams. Questions such as, are we being agile enough? Are we following the scrum guidelines? or are we scrum-ish or scrum-but? will pop into your mind quite a lot of times.

    I would suggest that you try and focus on the basics such as stabilising your velocity, insuring that you’ve got a good definition of done and definition of ready and that your team understand the principles of all the processes involved in scrum in addition to this I think is vital that we understand that scrum is just a guideline you’re going to have to adapt it to your individual circumstances within your organisation and that you’re never going to be following scrum to the T. Unless of course you don’t have any organisational constraints to get in your way ;)

    Once you come to this realisation it will be a lot easier for you to make decisions on how to progress your agile journey to a stage where you’re constantly improving your process, inspecting what you’ve done within the Sprint and how are you going to change that for the next Sprint. Good Journey!